On December 14th 2006, ten years later the opening of the restaurant "Le Cicale" in S. Margherita Ligure, chef Matteo Costa, together with his sister, Ilaria, and his wife, Federica, made a dream come true: Le Cicale comes to town.

The restaurant is in midtown, a stone's throw from Via XX Settembre and Piazza della Vittoria, in the heart of genovese business deals. The atmosphere is refined and cosy/homey:
a mirror, a vase, an antique teapot, a fresh bunch of flowers always remind a special and daily care for details.

Exclusively high quality raw materials, fresh fish, best meat, italian cheese from small producers, home made pasta, fresh-baked bread and focaccia twice a day: every dish Matteo prepares with delicate/gentle and tasteful creativity reminds/suggests what really means "eating well in Genoa".